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Vintage Sewing Patterns - Underwear, Bloomers, Boxer Shorts, Bras, Briefs, Camisoles, Chemise, Corset Covers, Crinolines, Advance 2710, Advance 6947, Advance 6973, Advance 7818, Advance 8145, Advance 8150, Advance 9215, Advance 9335, Australian Home Journ

Creator: Source Wikia | 2011-11-04

This book consists of articles from Wikia.

Publisher: Books LLC, Wiki Series

About this book
This book consists of articles from Wikia. Pages: 163. Chapters: Bloomers, Boxer Shorts, Bras, Briefs, Camisoles, Chemise, Corset Covers, Crinolines, Advance 2710, Advance 6947, Advance 6973, Advance 7818, Advance 8145, Advance 8150, Advance 9215, Advance 9335, Australian Home Journal 10725, Butterick 2198, Butterick 2303, Butterick 2651, Butterick 3647, Butterick 3693, Butterick 3725, Butterick 4130, Butterick 5279 A, Butterick 6014, Butterick 6565, Butterick 6885, Butterick 7559, Butterick 7843, Butterick 7993, Butterick 8247, Butterick 9017, Butterick 9388, Butterick 9809, Butterick 9818, Hollywood 1802 A, Hollywood 897, Le Roy Weldons 8889, Mail Order 351, McCall's 2137, McCall's 2240 A, McCall's 2529, McCall's 2563, McCall's 3100, McCall's 3154, McCall's 3536, McCall's 3559, McCall's 3561, McCall's 3573, McCall's 4032, McCall's 5161, McCall's 5255 A, McCall's 5425, McCall's 5555, McCall's 5649, McCall's 5693 A, McCall's 5912, McCall's 5914 A, McCall's 6302, McCall's 6303, McCall's 6594, McCall's 6624, McCall's 6747, McCall's 6831 A, McCall's 7509, McCall's 7608 A, McCall's 7666, McCall's 7848, McCall's 7947, McCall's 8050, McCall's 8109, McCall's 8121, McCall's 8778, McCall's 8844 A, McCall's 9039, McCall's 9661, Polynesian 205, Simplicity 2057 A, Simplicity 2445, Simplicity 2566, Simplicity 3175, Simplicity 3646 A, Simplicity 4246, Simplicity 4468 A, Simplicity 4501, Simplicity 4667, Simplicity 5030, Simplicity 5052, Simplicity 5142 A, Simplicity 5355 B, Simplicity 5370, Simplicity 5480 A, Simplicity 5511 B, Simplicity 5513 B, Simplicity 5519, Simplicity 5739 A, Simplicity 5753 B, Simplicity 6011 A, Simplicity 6037 B, Simplicity 6921 A, Simplicity 6991 A, Simplicity 7096, Simplicity 7284, Simplicity 7407, Simplicity 7611, Simplicity 7910 A, Simplicity 8063, Simplicity 8165, Simplicity 8261, Simplicity 8448, Simplicity 8538, Simplicity 8762, Simplicity 8897 A, Simplicity 9090, Simplicity 9339, Simplicity 9437, Simplicity 9513, Simplicity 9705, Simplicity 97...

128 pages

ABA Journal


Wine Briefs Learning from German Wine Labels ... Wine buyers here were deterred, in part at least, from purchasing German wines because an unfavorable mark-to- dollar exchange ratio made the 1971 vintage unexpectedly costly.

About this book
The ABA Journal serves the legal profession. Qualified recipients are lawyers and judges, law students, law librarians and associate members of the American Bar Association.

New York Court of Appeals. Records and Briefs.

Creator: New York (State). Court of Appeals. | 1899

That at various times between the 8th day of June, 1895, and the 23d day of April, 1896, the above named plaintiff, at the special instance and request of the said California Vintage Company, duly delivered to the said California ...

About this book
Volume contains:Unreported Case (Kay v. Met. St. Rwy Co.)Unreported Case (Jackson v. Knickerbocker Athletic Club)Unreported Case (Frounfelker v. Delaware, Lackawanna & West. R.R. Co.)Unreported Case (Galway v. N.Y. Elevated R.R. Co.)Unreported Case (Ganz v. Lancaster)Unreported Case (Gundlach-Bundschu Wine Co. v. Fritz)Unreported Case (Haffner v. Schmuck)Unreported Case (Hammel v. Washburn)Unreported Case (Hawks v. Haseltine)Unreported Case (Hoes v. Edison General Electric Co.)Unreported Case (Holland House Co. v. Baird)Unreported Case (Jones v. Frost)

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Welcome to Vintage Skivvies | Retro Underwear for Men and Boys
Vintage Skivvies - Men's and Boy's retro underwear, undershirts, boxer shorts and briefs.

Vintage Skivvies Mens and Boys Underwear Ad Gallery
Vintage Skivvies Men's and Boys' Underwear Advertisements from 1900 - 1969.

Retro/Vintage Custom Underwear Double Seat Briefs ...
Custom Underwear by Specialty Underwear World is the Best Value on the Internet; Highest Quality and Value-Priced! On our Website, we offer not only the best value ...

16 Vintage Underwear Ads That Will Give You Nightmares
16 Vintage Underwear Ads That Will Give You Nightmares. Much hair.

A Brief History of the Poster: Belle Epoque to Post ...
Learn the fascinating history of original posters from the 1890s to the present - How they revolutionized advertising and captivate collectors to this day.


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    RUINUO Men's Brief Vintage Style "The Faith" Artificial Black Onyx Pendant Necklace (Black Onxy)

    Jewelry (RUINUO)
    List Price: $44.99
    Price: $43.99
    You Save: $22.00 (50%)

    Each piece of jewelry is exquisitely handcrafted and polished by our most skilled masters.
    Chain's length: 20.8 inches
    Coming with the delicate jewelry box and clean cloth.
    The Pendant size: 1.73 x 0.748 inches
    Certain stone treatment techniques improve the appearance and durability.

  • Crisp

    2pk Men's Authentic Crisp Printed Boxer Briefs Black & Green Floral X-Small

    Apparel (Crisp)
    List Price: $25.00
    Price: $9.99
    You Save: $15.01 (60%)

    High quality, breathable, long athletic fit
    Flex fit flat locked seems, contoured sealed pouch, Elastic Waistband with Crisp logo printed on front
    Cotton material, machine wash cold, tumble dry low
    X-Small = 24"- 26" Waist
    Printed Pattern set: Army Floral & Vintage Rose

  • Wilsons Leather Mens Vintage Triple Gusset Leather Brief Cognac

    List Price: $400.00
    Price: $120.00
    You Save: $280.00 (70%)

    Small zippered front pocket; 2 zip-around front gusseted pockets with 4 card slots, 2 open cell phone sleeves, 3 elastic pen loops and 2 small pockets
    Magnetic snap rear pocket; hook-and-loop back strap allows you to slip bag over luggage handle for convenient carry
    Two top carry handles; removable, adjustable shoulder strap with pad
    Zippered interior compartment with padded laptop sleeve.
    2' zippered expansion feature; 3-section zippered inner compartment with structured dividers

  • Vintage

    Brief Lives (Vintage Contemporaries)

    eBooks (Vintage)


    DAOTS Canvas Causal Backpack Vintage Rucksack Daypack for Men Travel Climbing Camping Hiking (1-Year Warranty-Brown)

    Sports (DAOTS)

    Rating (13 reviews):

    √ Gorgeous Product, Versatile, Classy, Well-Crafted

    Customer Video Review Length:: 3:39 Mins I trust this video helps you make an informed decision about this product. This is not some cheap, lightweight bag--rather, it's a solid, well-crafted, combination carry bag/backpack. Materials are canvas and leather. I wouldn't call it "rustic," but rather, "Refined" and "High Class." The leather side is especially classy looking.Lots of fun compartments, included a large main compartment with pouches for writing instruments, and a padded divider. Well-suited for electronics of moderate size, such as tablets or smaller laptops. There is a shoulder strap packed inside, so you can either carry by hand, or use as shoulder bag. The straps are of heavy duty canvas; all the fasteners worked very well. There are lots of handles, which is funny. Oh backpack, how should I carry thee?There is a mesh side pocket to hold a water bottle, etc., especially when using as a backpack. Also, be sure to check-out the clever way it... 5/5 Bassocantor " OracleMagician" (San Francisco) - See all my reviews, July 13, 2015


    0 5/5 Rachel O. (Washington) - See all my reviews, July 28, 2015

    Useful, Classy

    0 5/5 Dianne E. Socci-Tetro "When I was your age, t... (Reading Over Your Shoulder - USA) - See all my reviews, July 14, 2015
    List Price: $169.99
    Price: $47.99
    You Save: $122.00 (72%)
    Large Size: 17.72 inch, 11.42 inch long and 6.69 inch wide, can fits for 13-14inch laptop or MacBook. Big enough, space saving, easy to carry your necessary
    Useful and Spacious with many pockets: Besides main pocket, back zippered pocket, there are secret protective compartment, phone pocket, notebook pocket with Velcro and pen pocket inside the bag
    Multi-purpose uses: This bag can used as duffle/handbag/suitcase/brief case when travelling. Two durable straps are in a hidden compartment to make this bag a backpack/rucksack/satchel. A detachable shoulder strap can easily turn the backpack into a messenger bag/crossbody bag/mail bag/shoulder bag. One bag offers at least three different ways of carrying
    Economize your carrying effort: Thickened & widened breathable, adjustable, sponge straps, help reduce the load
    Soft Material: Durable16 oz garment washed canvas, 100% cotton inside

  • Vintage

    The Brief History of the Dead

    Book (Vintage)

    Rating (190 reviews):

    Great idea, but plot & characters underdeveloped

    Like many who have reacted to this novel, the first chapter knocked me out. I had already read two disparate critiques in newspapers of the book that led me to seek the book out, so I knew that after the opening the initial thrill might not sustain itself. This hesitation was, after I read the novel straight through in two sittings, shown to be true. The long polar trek of Laura does borrow from the well-titled "The Worst Journey in the World," but I found these sections, after a while, rather pat and uninvolving most of the time. It's difficult to stay interested in Laura's predicament after a while, with nobody else for her to talk to or to keep us alert. She has not led that exciting a life for her to have a lot of recollections to fall back upon that make her any more than ordinary. And, in a novel, we don't want to be stuck with the mundane girl-next-door as a protagonist, even if she is in dire straits in a terrible place. The scene-setting of the first cabin and her growing... 3/5 John L Murphy "Fionnchú" (Los Angeles) - See all my reviews, May 2, 2006

    Brockmeier is the real deal!

    With the publishing industry fixating on the next DaVinci Code, alphabetical mysteries, and serial killers, it's a treat to find a truly original young writer. And Brockmeier is no flash in the pan, either; He's won the O. Henry Award, the Nelson Algren Award, An Italo Calvino Short Fiction Award and a National Endowment for the Arts fellowship. I would imagine some readers thought Brockmeier was riding on the coattails of the LOVELY BONES, but that's just not the case. Brockmeier doles out equal portions of pessimism and optimism, and just when you think you've got this pitcher figured out he throws you a knuckleball. The novel alternates between the adventures of Laura Byrd, a Coca Cola researcher stranded in the Antarctic, and the City of the Dead. The earth has been decimated by a virus called "The Blinks." Brockmeier's notion of an afterlife is a way station where people must stay until people whom they have known on earth have also died. Over half of... 5/5 Dave Schwinghammer "Dave Schwinghammer" (Little Falls, Minnesota USA) - See all my reviews, March 11, 2006

    Read it!

    0 4/5 bert1761 (Washington, DC United States) - See all my reviews, March 4, 2006
    List Price: $15.95

  • Twisted Leather Bags

    Twisted Leather Bags 'Executive' 15-inch Black Business Messenger Bag

    PC Accessory (Twisted Leather Bags)
    List Price: $355.00
    Price: $219.00
    You Save: $20.00 (9%)

    Define your style with a sophisticated, functional, and beautiful looking unisex classic black briefcase that blends seamlessly with business attire or more casual wears.
    Outstanding professional leather laptop bag made with attention to the little details. This bag will hold a heavy 15-inch laptop with no problems. It measure 16" L x 3" W x 12" H inches.
    Sold direct by USA owned and based Twisted Leather Bags.
    Strong removable shoulder strap and dedicated handles for quick moves on the go - it is ready when you are!
    Multiple internal compartments to store your computer and your most important papers. Steel zipper pockets so you can stay organized!

  • Fruit of the Loom Mens 4 Briefs Vintage Collection (M)


    Rating (1 reviews):

    High quality

    0 4/5 H. Bogart - See all my reviews, June 11, 2015
    List Price: $48.99
    Price: $24.88
    You Save: $24.11 (49%)
    Classic Styling
    Limited Edison
    Soft Premium Weight Cotton
    Premium Quality
    Vintage Look

  • Palfashion

    2014 women's lady's fashion brief vintage big bags shoulder bag handbag female shoulder bags

    Wireless (Palfashion)

    handbag female shoulder bags
    brief vintage big bags shoulder bag
    2013 Hot Sale
    Fashion design

  • World Depot

    Vintage Brief Retro Style Wall Light Sconce Edison Bulb Lamp 220V

    Home Improvement (World Depot)

    Category : Wall Lights, Vintage Wall Lights
    Vintage Brief Retro Style Wall Light Sconce Edison Bulb Lamp 220V


Gift Ideas

Retro Vintage Kitsch Underpants Whitey Tighties Postcard

whitey tighties,whitey
Retro Vintage Kitsch Underpants Whitey Tighties, Whitey Tighty or briefs! The old school underwear classic straight from a cool vintage fifties advertisement! Boxers or briefs - why, briefs of course!
Price: $$1.10

Letter From Kafka 2 Inch Square Magnet

franz, kafka, writer, author, literature, brief an
Vintage photograph of Franz Kafka on a page from "Brief an den Vater" .
Price: $$3.75

Letter From Kafka Ringer Coffee Mug

franz, kafka, writer, author, literature, brief an
Vintage photograph of Franz Kafka on a page from "Brief an den Vater" .
Price: $$18.95

Letter From Kafka Postcard

franz, kafka, writer, author, literature, brief an
Vintage photograph of Franz Kafka on a page from "Brief an den Vater" .
Price: $$1.05